Garage Shelves

Garage Shelves Ideas: How to Get Rid of Clutter

For most people, their garage is built not just for parking. It also becomes their default storage room, similar to the attic. This is where most people would dump the things that they do not need inside the house, including old stuff. Overtime, it could become cluttered. It can be a challenge to have it organized. With this, keep on reading and learn some of the best ideas when it comes to garage shelves. You can create shelving racks of all kinds to help keep the garage organized.

Wooden Garage Shelves

garage shelves

When building garage shelves, wood is one of the most popular materials used. Among others, this is preferred by many because of its practical cost. If you are thinking of building wooden shelves for the garage, rather than buying those that are ready-made, you can have one custom-built. With the basic woodworking tools and knowledge, you will be able to have shelves that are customized based on the size of the available space in the garage. If you need tips for beginning in woodworking check out

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Top Five Garage Shelving Units

The Top 5 Best Garage Shelving Units:

Garage shelving units are as unique and varied as the garages they are used in. By considering the pros and cons of various different styles and models, you can guarantee to find the perfect shelving system that will eliminate space wastage, clear up clutter, and  most importantly keep your garage free for whats its supposed to be used for! From industrial strength choices for those with heavy duty needs, to light plastic options for those storing light items, you can guarantee to find a choice right for you.

Edsal Heavy Duty Black Garage Shelving Unit:

garage shelving units

With toughness and durability in mind, the Edsal shelving unit is one of our more heavy duty items on the list. Supporting up to 800 pounds per shelf, it makes a total weight capacity of 4000 pounds! Double riveted beams lock in, to ensure that no shelves move once they are locked down and secure. 1.5 inch corner rivet holes make the item very adjustable and customizable for any needs you may have. Comes unassembled, requires only a rubber mallet to build and install(not included). Available now for a low price of only 50$ with free shipping. Check it out here.

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Garage Storage Using Wire Shelving

Make Your Garage Store Perfect With Wire Shelving

The optimal garage shelving system combines a clean look, efficient storage, and most of all a clever and convenient way to keep your garage spacious. Wire shelving is one of the best and most clean ways to organize your garage, maximize space, and make everything look professional and clean. The see through design enables you to see whats above you, even if its too high to see above the shelf, allowing you to always remember where everything is stored. This can save time and effort dragging around ladders or step stools in your garage.

        Basic Four Shelf Wire Shelving Unit

wire shelving

This wire shelving unit provides the perfect balance between, cost, utility, and function. This shelf can be the perfect organizer to really maximize your space. The shelves are adjustable in one inch increments, meaning it can hold almost any item or container possible. Each shelf can hold up to a maximum of 350 pounds, which really enables you to store anything on their, from motor oil, to boxes full of books, you can guarantee it will hold them beautifully. Wire shelves are not something that should be ignored when coming up with your garage shelving plan. This item comes at the affordable price of 55$, much cheaper than many of the alternatives on the market. You can check out the item here.

        Why Go With Wire Shelving?

Not everyone is a skilled carpenter, capable of creating their own unique garage storage system. For those of us lacking those skills, it’s necessary to buy prebuilt products. Wire products can greatly increase your garage space and make being in and using your garage much more simple and fun. Eliminate the hassle of always tripping and falling, not being able to find what you need, and not having room to store everything you need to keep. Do yourself a favor and create a garage shelving plan now!


Garage Shelving Tips

Garage Shelving That Hangs From the Ceiling

Handcrafted Wooden Shelves

      If you are like many other Americans, you still believe that if you want something done right you should do it yourself. Some great garage shelving tips can be, in many cases, crafting your own wooden shelves, creating what can be a fun and efficient way to maximize your storage space in your garage. Not all prebuilt garage shelving is created equal, but you can guarantee quality and craftsmanship, by taking the work into your own hands. Some ideas for this can be as simple as hanging hooks from the ceiling and building the framing to the exact specifications of your garage. This gives a very clean, and professional look, that will make your friends and neighbors jealous of your ingenuity. 

Prebuilt Hanging Garage Shelving

      Not everyone has the expertise or ability to go create a custom, wooden frame for their garage shelving. For those lacking in this field, a prebuilt PVC or plastic option, could be the best bet. Some garage shelving ideas for this could be as easy, as mentioned before, as hanging hooks from the ceiling and connecting your shelving. This raises up the storage allowing room for vehicles, tools, and machinery. If you take the time to make garage shelving plans, you can make almost any idea work perfectly, and create a space conscious and efficient storage system that will last for many years to come.


Garage Shelving Tips

Maximizing storage space while retaining a clean and efficient functioning garage, can be a difficult task. While there are many options out there, the important thing is, remembering that any storage system that you create is the perfect fit. Like all things, what is right for one person, is most likely not right for another. Some prefer to build their own wooden shelving, while others may prefer to just purchase the shelving and implement it. Both choices have their pros and cons, and when making out a garage storage plan, make sure to fully examine and evaluate all available options.

Garage Shelving Tips

Garage Shelving that hangs from the ceiling

3 Awesome garage shelving ideas

Get Your Shelves In Order: 3 Awesome Garage Shelving Ideas

Every now and then, we see our garage space as the go-to location for anything we don’t use – or need anymore. And while a garage is definitely meant for such space aside from keeping the car safe and sound, it is an extra storage space that is not used very wisely among people.

Is your garage a mess?

If yes is the answer, read along – because we are sharing a list of 5 amazing garage shelving ideas to get your things together.

1. Garage Shelving At The Ceiling

Also known as overhead garage shelving, this type of storage is amazingly practical and convenient. Obviously, it is meant for garages with wider and higher roofs – which make an ideal space for relocating all the things from around the car upside. With this idea, you will also be able to maintain a cleaner garage – and never be stuck when getting out from the car.

2. Garage Shelving Cabinets

The cabinet storage in the garage is a classic. It is a typical and one of the most popular solutions used by homeowners. Cabinets are easy to relocate and move around, which is a great benefit. Also, if they have wheels or are generally easy to relocate – they can be relocated without even displacing the materials inside.

3. Garage Shelving With Storage Boxes

The best way to benefit from garage shelving in case you don’t want cabinets in your garage – is to consider storage boxes as your removable cabinets. This makes the garage shelving process easy, and gives you an ability to relocate stuff in an even easier way. Plus, your things are safe and sound and won’t get dusty.

In the end, organizing your garage shelves is another part of the job. You should carefully look at everything you have – and make sure to categorize your garage shelving accordingly. You can make the process even easier by considering different colors for your storage boxes, cabinets or shelves for the different types of things.garage shelving

Flexible Garage Shelving

Imagine the kind of comfort you can achieve in with the ability to obtain any item from your garage at any time. Such flexible garage shelving could be realized with updating, or even completely renovating your outdated garage shelving system. Remember that your sole objective should be to store all your important items in one compact area. Garage bins are a great way to offer weather proof, high quality protection against decay, provide a clean look, and allow loose items to be stored more effectively. The best brands can provide a cost effective and clean looking storage container, that doesn’t skimp on quality. Some of our favorite brands can be seen here.

flexible garage shelving

Flexible Garage Shelving Ideas

Quick access is necessary for all your garage accessories so that you can enjoy them at a moments notice. Making some adjustments according to your situation to turn that old cluttered space into a professional looking work shop. Some less expensive options are available for those on a budget, which your wallet will thank you for. Picking up them for your garage shelving will offer you numerous benefits with durable quality included. Excellent options of storing are guaranteed with those choices.

Finding some adjustable garage shelves can make the perfect fit for any number of different items. Combining designer style, with commercial utility, you can guarantee to love the look and the results of implementing high quality products. With proper planning and implementation, you can achieve wonderful results and completely transform your garage. Portable plastic options can make storage even simpler, by adding in the ability to move around and redesign with ease. Special prices offered on commercial metal shelving can give you professional strength, without hurting your budget.

Popular Garage Shelves For Meeting Multiple Needs

With new models coming out every day, manufacturers have more and more chances to create the perfect fit for you. Have a workshop or garage? Find the perfect way to store and organize your tools and equipment while maintaining a clean work space. Faster accomplishment of tasks such as cleaning, oiling, airing and painting are possible with simple adjustments to the layout. Using this functionality to its potential can increase productivity and profits if your business depends on it.

With so many different options on the market, the odds of not finding the correct product are slim to none. Whether you buy prebuilt shelving, or you build your own custom system, the implementation of either will increase productivity, style, and comfort when working in or enjoying your garage. Design and implement you can be proud of and clean up that old cluttered garage now.